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Balance and Stabilize your golf swing with the Kettlebell Russian Twist

All Kettlebell exercises train your body to balance and stabilize itself, similar to what is required for an effective golf swing. The Kettlebell weight is not of equal balance like a dumbbell, it has the majority of it’s weight in the bell, while the horn is relatively light. It requires you to control the weight…

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Kettlebell Swing For Golfers

Every golfer that wants to improve their golf game should do kettlebell swings.The Kettlebell Swing is the foundation of Kettlebell training. It teaches you the hip thrust that will improve your drives, increases muscular endurance in your back and waist, and strengthens your lower body. The kettlebell swing alone will improve your golf game.  …

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Kettlebell Training For Golfers

What is Kettlebell Training?  Kettlebell Training is a Russian style training with a cast iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle.  It is the ultimate hand held fitness tool.   How Can Kettlebell Training improve my golf game?  The Kettlebell is paramount in developing the hip thrust, that generates power to a…

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