Increase Yards to your Drive with the Kettlebell!!

The kettlebell is ultimate golf performance enhancing fitness tool. The Kettlebell exercises and the golf movements are similar and require the same physical movements.  The Kettlebell is the ultimate hand held gym.  What makes the kettlebell unique is it requires you to use your entire body with every exercise, because the weight is unevenly distributed unlike a dumbbell or weight training machine.  The 4 areas the kettlebell will improve for you are flexibility, balance, strength, and power.

  1. 1. Flexibility
    The Kettlebell  increases the flexibility of your back, and hamstrings with one exercise the kettlebell swing.  Flexibility in your hamstrings is extremely valuable to golfers for strength and distance on your power swings.  The load on your hamstrings and lower back are very demanding the kettlebell swing address these issues and strengthens them.


  1. 2. Balance
    The kettlebell swing requires that you maintain good balance and body awareness so that you do not fall forward you have to stay rooted into the ground.  Improving your balance and rooting strength will help you follow through your swing and add power and distance to your drive


  1. 3. Strength
    Kettlebell swings increase your full body strength and muscular endurance and allows you to finish your round with the same strength and stamina from hole to hole.  No let ups or fatigue.


  1. 4. Power
    Strength and power are generated with speed.  The Kettlebell swing is an explosive movement and develops your ballistic muscle and increases your power and speed.

The Kettlbell is the ultimate golf fitness tool and will improve your game and physique.  You will feel the difference right away.  Pick up a kettlebell today and get started.  Depending on your strength levels start off with a Kettlebell you can handle, for most men the weight range is from 25-40lbs for starters and for women 10-25lbs. I use a heavier Kettlebell for some exercises and a lighter one for weaker muscle groups. I recommend using Dragon Door Kettlebells because they have a great handle, but other equipment companies supply quality Kettlebells. If you purchase your Kettlebell through Dragon door with one my links I get a percentage of the sale. If purchasing your Kettlebell through other companies make sure you can fit both hands in the handle comfortably.

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