Kettlebell Giant Circles To Improve Your Golf Swing

This is a great exercise for golfers who want to increase their shoulder, leg, and core strength. It can be performed with a medicine ball or Kettlebell.  Kettlbell or Medicine Ball Giant Circles Exercise for Golfers.

Kettlebell or Medicine Ball Giant Circles: Stand in an athletic position, feet a little wider then shoulder width apart, with your knees bent slightly and hold the kettlebell or ball above your head @ full arm extension. To finish the circle lower the kettlebell or ball down along one side of your body, sweep the ball in front of your knees, and lift the weight along the other side of your body.  Keep your back and arms straight, and only lower your body by bending your knees. Perform 10-12 reps per side.  This is a great addition to add into your strength training routine to improve your overall golf strength training.  If you like this exercise check out my entire  done for you kettlebell golf training program here.


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