Kettlebell Training For Golfers

What is Kettlebell Training? 

Kettlebell Training is a Russian style training with a cast iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle.  It is the ultimate hand held fitness tool.


How Can Kettlebell Training improve my golf game? 

The Kettlebell is paramount in developing the hip thrust, that generates power to a golfers swing.  It makes your back resilient and prepares you to withstand swing after swing of your club.  Increases your shoulder strength, flexibility for a full range and fluid motion.  The kettlebell is awesome for developing your grip, wrist and forearm strength.  Unlike dumbbells, barbells and weight machines the kettlebell is not a mindless fitness tool.  It requires practice, concentration, and focus just like improving your golf game does.

Where can you find quality kettlebells, and what size should you start with?

I only recommend Dragon Door Kettlebells they are the best in the business and have the best handle.  You can also find kettlebells at your local sporting goods store, but too date I have not found a brand I am satisfied with, there handles are too thick.  The size you select will vary but for most men you will start off with a 16kg kettlebell, women should start of with 8kg-12kg kettlebell

Russian Kettlebell Quick Start Kit