Kettlebell Weighted Floor Knee Tuck Crunch to Improve Your Core

Train Your Upper and Lower Abs with the Weighted Floor Knee crunches 

Starting Position
Lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent so that your feet are resting lightly on the floor and your knees are folded toward the ceiling. Keep your pelvis in a neutral position. Hold the Kettlebell above your head with your elbows bent. 

1. From the starting position, engage your abdominal muscles, squeezing downward just below your belly button. As you do this, be careful not to tilt your pelvis upward or dig your feet into the floor. The abdominal squeeze will bring your shoulders just slightly off the floor and generate a slight curve through your center. At the same time, begin to bring your left foot off the floor, with the idea of taking your knee toward your chest. This motion should be generated from that same central abdominal contraction.
2. Keeping your right foot lightly on the floor, use that abdominal contraction to roll your upper body up off the floor as you bring the left knee toward your chest, until your shoulders come fully off the floor and your knee is as far in as it can come. Keep your neck neutral, so that your chin stays off your chest (you should have room to fit your balled fist between your chin and your chest), and try not to bring your elbows forward beyond a 45-degree angle.
3. Lower the left leg back to starting position as you return your shoulders to the floor. Immediately repeat the knee tuck and crunch, again on the left side. After you have done a set of knee tucks with the left leg, repeat the exercise with the right leg.